BioLite - Megan and I love these products. We use the solar panels here on our homestead and we use their products for backpacking. 
Norwood Sawmills - I purchased the LM29 mill from these guys and this machine is a beast. We have milled eastern red, oak and hickory with it. 

Resources for a healthy lifestyle:

Elevate Wellness:

Dr. Libby Orsburn is a licensed Medical Doctor, Functional Medicine Physician and Medical Acupuncturist in Franklin, TN.  Dr. Orsburn, who has been treating patients for over two decades,  enjoys using her holistic approach to help patients overcome chronic illness and improve their overall health.  Using a unique fusion of Western, Eastern, and Functional Medicine, she is able to treat conditions causing pain, fatigue, and insomnia along with many other persistent and frustrating conditions such as IBS, thyroid and adrenal issues, and autoimmune diseases.


Megan and I love the Peloton family and what they are doing for the fitness community. It's not just a bike, its truly an experience.  Whether you want to meditate or train for a marathon Peloton has something for you. Try it!